Frequently Asked Questions
How to:
My Wedding Book Photos and Images

How many pictures and layouts can I upload?

You can upload up to 200 pictures and layouts in .jpg format. To guarantee the best resolution, the picture size should be at least 372x540px (vertical format) or 744x540px (horizontal format).

What photo and layout formats can I upload?

You can upload up to 200 photos and layouts, only in .jpg format. We advice a maximum size of 2MB per picture. Heavier files might slow down the upload. We advice a minimum size of 372x540px (vertical format) or 744x540px (horizontal format). Photos and layouts that exceed these sizes will appear cut.

How many MB can I upload per album?

We advice not to upload files that exceed 200MB per album. 

How do I upload Photos and Pictures?

Access the cms WEDDING/ALBUM Area, select the Images icon and then click the green arrow. 

When the window opens on your device, choose the images to upload. 

You can modify the pictures ordering and delete the unwanted images: just click on the Book icon. 

After confirming the pictures ordering, the Book is ready to be published. 

Files that exceed 2GB per session should be resized, or they will appear cut.

The pictures should be uploaded from Pc.

What to do in case of upload difficulties.

Send us an email and explain the problem. 

How to delete an image.

Images can be irretrievably deleted from the Images menu in the cms Wedding Area.

How to hide images from visualisation without deleting them.

To hide an image, access the Book menu in the Wedding Area. Click on the green check mark: it will turn into a red X mark. You can now Confirm the ordering: the image is hidden. 

How do I move the pictures?

To move a picture, access the Book menu in the Wedding Area: drag the picture where you want it to be and Confirm the ordering.

How long can the captions be?

The application limits automatically the text length.

The captions can be modified by the Wedding Couple. Messages from relatives and friends are collected in the Guestbook.

Videos on My Wedding Book

How to link a video.

The Wedding Couple can add the link to their Wedding Video by clicking on the specific icon in their personal cms area. 

Authorising the visualisation of My Wedding Book

How to invite relatives and friends to leaf through My Wedding Book.

Go to Invitations in the personal cms area. Insert the Guest's first name, surname and email address. The application will automatically send an email invitation with personal Login information. 


Use of the Guestbook.

Authorised relatives and friends can write comments and congratulations to the Wedding Couple.

How to delete unwanted comments.

Go to Wedding in your personal area and delete the comments by clicking on the waste-bin icon.

Costs and renewals

How much does My Wedding Book cost?

My Wedding Book lasts 1 year, starting on the date of publication, and costs to the Wedding Couple 128€.

Starting from the second year, My Wedding Book can be renewed at 35€ per year. You will be notified via email when the Book is about to expire. 

Can I have a second Book?

After having purchased their first Book, the Wedding Couple can buy more Books at a lower price. The cost for the yearly renewal will include all the Books.


Are the photos and images protected?

The contents in the published Book are shielded with a high-degree protection. 

Who will view the Book?

The Book can be viewed only by authorised guests in possession of personal access credentials.

Who is entitled to access the Guestbook?

The Guestbook can only be accessed by authorised Guests in possession of personal access credentials.

Browsers and Devices

What devices can I use to access My Wedding Book?

You can use a range of devices: pc, mac, tablet and smartphone.

What devices can I use to upload photos and images?

 Pc and Mac will be the best choice.

Suggested Browser

My Wedding Book is compatible with Safari, Chrome, Opera, Firefox, IE10, IE9, Safari mobile (iOS Devices), Chrome mobile (Android 4 Devices)